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Every deskpad we make is limited edition.

Why buy a deskpad that's mass produced? 

Here at Epic Desk we purpose to create the best designs in small batches with limited quantities.

When I saw a deskpad design that I liked for the first time, I thought, wow, that's an incredible piece of art. That's immediately where my brain went with it. What do artists do with their work? They create an original, then they create prints from the original. They are signed and numbered with a COA. Why should we settle for anything less?

Every deskpad is numbered and signed in the bottom right to ensure authenticity. Every deskpad is also issued with official COA(Certificate of Authenticity). Please see our authentication process page here for more details. 

We created three different classes of deskpads. Pricing changes based on which class the deskpad you want is in. Limited have a print run of 500 units. Very Limited have a print run of 250 units. Extremely Limited has a print run of 100 units. Once a deskpad sells out, it goes into RETIRED on our website and will never be printed or sold again. 

First of all, our designs blow the competitors out of the water. You won't find more detailed, tasteful, or epic designs out there that can match ours. Second of all, our quality is above and beyond everyone else. Check out the quality section below to see the attention to detail we put in on these. Third and lastly, it's simple supply and demand. If I create a deskpad where there's only 100, 250, or 500 that will EVER be made, naturally that is going to be worth more than a deskpad that's mass produced. The great thing about that is, depending on the design and the rarity, you may be able to sell your deskpad on the aftermarket for even more than what you bought it for.

A deskpad is simply an oversized mousepad that is designed to cover a big portion of the desk rather than the just the mouse area. It allows for more hand movement with mouse gliding but even more importantly you're able to put some really cool designs & artwork on them to enhance your space. 

All of our deskpads are 930 x 400 mm or around 36.5" x 15.75". We feel this is the perfect size for the deskpad.
The thickness is set at 4mm which we feel is just right. Not too thick to where it's like a pillow, but not too thin where it's flimsy. 

Quality was of the upmost importance when I was looking into doing this. Everything is checked before it goes out.
Stitching must be on point with no fraying. Some of our competitors use harsh, scratchy material on top that has poor mouse glide and is just uncomfortable to rest your arms and wrists on. Not us, our material on top is a proprietary fine woven fabric weave that is soft and luxurious to the touch. It has excellent mouse glide and water repellent characteristics. Print quality was important to me when I was looking for a supplier for these deskpads. Some of the samples I got from various suppliers, the colors looked washed and streaky. These colors are vibrant and they pop. The blacks are truly black. 

We don't recommend the washing machine as it may fade the signature and print number on the back of the deskpad. The best method is with dish soap/hand soap, water, towel and a sponge. Apply a small amount of the soap. Then add some water to your sponge and gently scrub in the soap into the deskpad. Make sure you're gentle with this process. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the impacted area you want to dry off the remaining soap and water with your towel. 

A few ways. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. You can also follow our social media pages in the top right. Our Discord will have all information on drops as well. 

We ship worldwide! Shipping is a flat $4.99 rate for everyone within the
U.S. and free for any orders over $75.

For international orders, we're happy to announce that Canada is a flat $14.99 and most the rest of the world is a flat $19.99 (for qty 1 deskpad).

All deskpads should be shipped within 3 days of order being placed except for pre-orders which will have their approximate shipment date in the description of the deskpad.
Because all of our deskpads are limited edition prints, our return policy is strict. We do not accept returns under any circumstance. In the extremely rare case that you received a deskpad with manufacturer defect that got past our quality control team, you can email us at and we can consider on a case by case basis.  

Yes, we do allow cancellations of orders that haven't shipped out yet. Please reach out to us on the Contact Us tab or email with your order number.