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time to upgrade your desk to the next level

Here at Epic Desk, every deskmat we create is commissioned by a real artist and made in limited quantities, making each design truly unique and special.

We built these with gaming performance in mind. That's why we spent countless hours refining our product until it had reached our standard, which is nothing less than absolute perfection. Experience the difference on your desk!

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licensed rush mousepads

"Fly by Night"

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"White Out"

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Purple Mountain Majesty

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"lost city"

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why our deskmats are unlike any other

**RETIRED* Limited Edition - "Cosmonatic Films" Creator Deskmat - Epic Desk

surface fabric

We use a blend of polyester/spandex that is extremely unique in it's properties. First off, it is a very smooth gliding fabric with good stopping power for gaming. Because of its dense weave, artwork prints brilliantly on them. In addition, they are very easy to clean and don't develop dead spots over time. This fabric is preferred by the majority of the gaming content creators we work with!

thickness matters

Most mousepads/deskmats are 2mm or 3mm thick. They slide around on the desk, there's not much support there for your wrist and arms. Here at Epic Desk we decided to create our product with comfort and practicality in mind, every deskmat is 4mm thick.


Each deskmat has sewn edges that aren't raised but rather sits flush. We also use a high quality thread designed to not irritate your skin. Depending on the style of artwork, we will either use a white thread stitched over the artwork or we will do an all black seam around the edges.

the most epic designs on the planet, all commissioned by real artists

Part of our vision here at Epic Desk is to empower real artists to get the
recognition they deserve. Each mouse pad artwork is meticulously crafted by
these talented individuals to make these the most epic deskmats on the planet.

Because we hire real artists, we look at our deskmats as real art, and thus every design we release is part of a limited edition collection.

Get to know some of our artists in the "Artist's Corner" linked

content creator testimonials
content creator testimonials
"I've always wanted to make a unique mousepad that is a super high quality piece of art. We've spent a lot of time and effort to make it extra special and bring you guys the BEST mousepad in the world. I really love it, and I know you'll love it too. Thank you Epic Desk for collaborating with me to make this a reality!"
— Meowko
content creator testimonials
This is hands down the highest quality mouse pad I've ever owned or even seen for that matter. The material is so smooth and silky, the colors and designs look amazing on top of it. My mouse just glides over it with no snags or tears or anything. It also stays incredible clean. I spend 10+ hours a day literally on top of it, typing on it, resting my arms on it, eating over it, and after months it still looks just as new as it did on day one. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone interested in buying a super high quality product that will last them forever!
— Rav, League of Legends Youtuber
content creator testimonials
I couldn't be more thrilled with how these turned out. The quality of these are fantastic, they're huge, and the fact that they're limited is so sick because every one of my viewers who purchased one will have a special, limited edition item from us.
— Dust, Rust Youtuber
content creator testimonials
Truly the best and most wonderful mousepad I’ve ever owned - or even slapped my name on! Bravo!
— Matthew K. Heafy, Lead Singer & Guitarist of Trivium
content creator testimonials
Working with Epic Desk on this masterpiece has been an awesome experience. On top of that, the product exceeded my expectations across the board. Material quality is top notch, feels like this mouse pad will outlast me. The image is bright, colorful & really is the center point of my trading setup. The large size is perfect, you don't feel confined on either side of your keyboard. For any trader, this is an awesome way to top off your trading setup. Forget the boring, one color, mouse pads!
— Vincent Desiano, Host of Options Insider on Youtube