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Hi, I'm Trey, founder & owner of Epic Desk. I've been a PC gamer throughout my life. The first time I ever purchased a deskmat, I fell in love. I loved how it covered a big portion of my desk and fit my keyboard and mouse. It also acted as a coaster and a wrist rest for me. The only thing I didn't like about it, was the design. It was plain black. BORING! I told myself, I can make a better design to go on this. And thus, Epic Desk was born. I commissioned an artist to make me a synthwave inspired NYC skyline. Once it was finished, I worked with suppliers for months to get the build quality perfected.

Now I am SO pleased to be able to share the gift of these incredible mousepads to the world!

What makes these the most epic mousepads on earth?

why we're better

s tier build quality

We spent countless hours refining the product until it was absolute perfection in every way. The surface material is a finely woven blend of spandex that is super soft, almost like silk under your skin. It strikes a balanced mouse glide that is preferred by most gamers.
This type of material also does not fray or fade and because of its dense weave, it truly makes the artwork's colors pop!

The threading is made with high quality thread that does not irritate your skin.

The mousepads are also 4mm in thickness, which is 1 or 2mm thicker than most.

why we're better


The first time I ever saw a mousepad that wasn't plain black, I thought, wow, that's a really cool piece of art!

Then I had a revelation, when artists create artwork, usually there's an original, then there's prints. The prints are always limited edition, and created with the finest quality materials. Nothing is mass produced.

Why should we be treating mousepads any differently? Just because the artwork is printed on superfine woven spandex & on top of a piece of rubber instead of canvas doesn't mean it's not art. Here at Epic Desk, we are revolutionizing the way people see the mousepad. Our end goal is to be the gold standard in the premium mousepad space & create an aftermarket for our mousepads prints, just like every other piece of artwork.

why we're better

Content Creator Collaborations

Here at Epic Desk not only do we have our own in house stock designs, we also are constantly collaborating with influencers/content creators to create their very own personalized designs.

Most of the time the influencer will allow a limited time pre-order window where you would have the ability to purchase their mousepad as an arm of their merch.

If you are a content creator and would like to inquire about this, feel free to message Soli#7981 on discord or fill out the Contact Us form below.

Click here for a list of influencer collaborations we've done and for current pre-orders that are live.