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In this modern age of rapidly advancing technology, artwork generated by AI has become increasingly popular and in my opinion, incredibly dangerous and threatens not only the job security of our artists but human creativity as a whole. Here at Epic Desk we only feature real artists for the artwork on our mousepads. I wanted to create a specific part of our website dedicated to the men and women who make these mousepads come to life. Without them, our mission of reimagining the mousepad would not be possible!


v3ebz is a young and passionate 3D artist and animator from the scenic country of Canada. Growing up as an avid gamer, he seamlessly merged his passion for gaming with his exceptional 3D art skills to forge a successful career in the digital art world. v3ebz specializes in creating eye-catching thumbnails for a variety of content creators, making him a sought-after talent in the field. As he looks to the future, v3ebz is excited to keep growing and evolving, both personally and professionally, as an artist.

Twitter: @v3ebz

content creator: etone


by v3ebz

us based illustrator


Maddie grew up in Meriden, Connecticut and have been has been drawing since she can remember. On envelopes, on backs of receipt papers, on her pants, on her desks, everywhere. She's dabbled in a lot of mediums from casting bronze and bookbinding to printmaking and computer animation. Some of her biggest inspirations are Adam Adamowicz, Toni DiTerlizzi, Bill Watterson, and Tove Jansson.

Twitter: @SMaddieM
Instagram: @SMaddieM

Content Creator: Templetaps

"temple town"

by SMaddieM

spain based 3d artist


Aga is a 20 years old engineering student from Spain passionate about any kind of art! Her specialty, however is 3D art. She's just started learning 3D one year ago thanks to her partner. Currently she's working as a thumbnail artist for multiple great content creators. She's looking forward to continue developing as an artist and to participate in many new projects!

Twitter: @imagni_

Content Creator: Dannehtv

"A Pirate's Life"

by Agni


A 26 years old gamer who is always passionate about creating arts related to any game he has been playing. DYSC has been using Photoshop and Illustrator for 8 years, currently focusing on content creator thumbnails. He has created artworks for creators such as Camomo_10, Trausi, Qaixx, former CSGO FaZe member Maikelele and more. DYSC is heavily influenced by Benny Productions, a youtuber artist who helped me develop my own unique style.

IG: @dyscfx

content creator: camomo_10

"the banhammer"


danish based digital artist


Argavilda's unique style of abstract artwork caught our attention right away. He has worked with musicians like Soilwork and Syndromet as well as various film and entertainment projects.

"Art has let me meet and talk to people from every walk of life, and I love immersing myself in their stories and working to illustrate them as well as they deserve."

He believes that kindness to strangers is the greatest force for good in the world, and strives to contribute to that as much as he can. Argavilda also has a cat and is his complete subordinate.

Instagram: @argavilda

content creator: Frank tedesco

"Frank Tedesco"

by Argavilda

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