How are deskmat prints at Epic Desk authenticated?

How are deskmat prints at Epic Desk authenticated?

Why buy a deskmat that's mass produced?

The first time I saw a deskmat with a cool design on it, I thought, wow, that's an incredible piece of art. In my opinion, deskmat should be treated as such. 

That's why every deskmat is signed with it's print number and issued along with a certificate of authenticity.

This process is in place to ensure the exclusivity of the artwork and the integrity of the artwork print itself.

We've taken these steps to ensure that you are getting a premium product that is truly a limited edition piece of art.

There are three different types of rarity of prints here at Epic Desk.

#1 Limited - 500 prints total

#2 Very Limited - 250 prints total

#3 Extremely Limited - 100 prints total

The process includes two steps for authentication

#1 Hand signature by myself on back of deskmat along with print number (see below)

Along with,

#2 Certificate of authenticity on premium paper with rarity class, collection name, artwork name, artist name, month and year artwork was completed, print number, and hand signature from myself once again. (see below)


If you come across any deskmat that bears the Epic Desk name but does not meet authentication protocols, or without COA, chances are it's a knock off. 

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