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Hi! I'm Trey, founder of Epic Desk. I started making mousepads as a passion of mine that grew into a thriving business almost 2 years ago. At first I created in house or "stock" designs and that grew into creating mousepads & collaborating with some of the largest content creators in the world!

I am proud to announce that Epic Desk is now expanding operations into corporate mousepads. I have brainstormed ideas for Corporate Designs for over a year now and I am proud to show what I feel could be revolutionary to your business!

company branded mousepads

Increase buy-in & raise team spirit with branded mousepads! We will completely customize the mousepad(s) with your company's logo, school name or team name.

Here at Epic Desk, we will,

Brainstorm with you on ideas to hone in on what your company requires and needs

Provide a highly skilled artist to bring your design(s) to life

Offer various sizes & stitching options

Ensure pricing is competitive

Will deliver the absolute best quality mousepad you've ever felt or seen

productivity pads

Boost productivity with Productivity Pads!

Productivity pads are customized and designed to assist your executives and employees stay on top of their game. Essentially, these mousepads assist in helping employees do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

Epic Desk is able to completely customize your company's Productivity Pads to what your employees need most!

  • Programming languages such as Python, C, JavaScript, C++, and Java shortcuts and commands
  • Sales scripts & objections
  • Complex Tables (Example: A chemist who refers to the periodic table)
  • Cheat sheets (Example: Technical Analysis charts for day traders)
  • Inspirational Quotes

excel shortcut cheat sheet xl mousepad

Inspirational Quotes

As we move into the future, company culture is increasingly becoming one of the most important factors not only when it comes to a high value employee choosing the right company to work for.

A positive & inspiring company culture will not only attract the right talent, but will also help a ton with retention of high value employees! These custom mousepads will help tremendously to boost morale and create that positive culture you're looking for!

company fanart

"Reggie" is a fictional insurance agent that is just down on his luck all the time. He's the antithesis of what NOT to do as an insurance agent. His hilarious commercials are played at company conferences & national calls and has become a running meme for years now. Everybody loves Reggie!

Here at Epic Desk, we decided to give Reggie the proper recognition he deserves and so we hired an artist to create this masterpiece!

company fanart

"reggie" XL Mousepad

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
These Epic Desk mousepads are truly epic - in quality, in size, and in presence. They are thick, durable, and my team and I love their comfort. Make no mistake, they are huge, and that is awesome. Our office is officially "swagged out" thanks to Epic Desk.
— Jonathan Shambroom, CEO, Creator +

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