We are so excited here at Epic Desk to announce our new deskpad drop!! The name of the pad is "Lost City" inspired by the ancient mayans and aztects. Their patterns were wild, and we want to preserve and remember their culture by creating it into a deskpad.


Artist: Damuhsin

Price: $44.99


Dimensions: 930 x 400mm 
Thickness: 4mm

Surface: Proprietary blend of fine woven fabric with a spandex like material. Water repelling with smooth as butter mouse glide. Very soft and comfortable.

NOTE: This is a "Very Limited" Deskpad print which means only 250 will be printed & sold and THAT'S IT. All deskpads are personally hand signed by the founder along with a certificate of authenticity issued.

October 01, 2021 — Trey Cloutier