Augusta National "Hole 12" Limited Edition Deskmat XL Mousepad


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Product Description

Dive into the epic realm of gaming! Our Epic Desk XL Gaming Mouse Pads are the perfect concoction of unique, artistically commissioned designs and unrivaled, performance-enhancing surfaces. Each deskmat is a limited edition masterpiece, offering a slick glide for rapid swipes and pinpoint precision. Perfect for those adrenaline-fueled headshots!

Supreme Comfort and Performance

Our full desktop gaming mouse pads give you the luxury of setting up your station just as you like it. With an extra cushioning layer of 4mm thickness, it's akin to gliding your mouse on cloud nine - comfortable and steady surface that won't budge.

Crafted from finely woven fabric blended with a spandex-like material, these pads repel water while delivering a buttery-smooth glide - a dream come true for gamers aiming to elevate their skills and maintain a consistently solid K/D ratio.

Gaming with Precision

Fun Fact: Ever wondered about the average distance a pro CS:GO player needs to move their mouse to make a 360-degree turn in the game? It’s 51 cm. Our XL Gaming Mouse Pads measure a generous 92cm x 40 cm, offering enough room for you to groove and game on.

Experience the Epic Desk Revolution

At Epic Desk, we're excited to revolutionize your gaming experience. Just like a piece of art, we believe every mouse pad we create is unique and adds to the thrill of your gaming journey. So, ready to game on?

Dimensions & Materials

Dimensions: 930 x 400mm (Approx 36.5" x 15.75")

Thickness: 4mm (most mousepads are 2 or 3mm, this just adds an extra layer of cushion)

Surface: Proprietary blend of fine woven fabric with a spandex like material. Water repelling with smooth as butter mouse glide. Excellent for gaming. Very soft and comfortable!

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We ship worldwide!

Content creator collaborations shipping ETA will be in the product description.

Because of the limited production of our products, returns are only allowed in rare cases where the product is deemed to be defective. Email us if you feel you have a defective product.

Collection & Artist Info

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of golf's most legendary landscapes with our Golf Course Collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each mat showcases iconic holes from three of the world's most revered courses. Experience the majestic beauty of Pebble Beach's 18th Hole, the hallowed grounds of Augusta's 12th Hole, and the historic allure of St. Andrews Old Course's 1st Hole. Whether you're an avid golfer or simply appreciate the scenic charm of these renowned locations, our collection promises to bring a touch of sophistication and inspiration to your workspace. Elevate your desk décor and indulge in the artistry of golf course landscapes with our exquisite collection of desk mats.

All deskmat artwork created by Ukrainian watercolor painter Firsik.

Limited Edition - Only 1000 mousepads available! NO RESTOCKS (once they're gone, they're gone)

Home of the legendary Masters tournament, elevate your work or gaming space with the serene beauty of the Augusta National's iconic 12th hole, meticulously crafted by renowned Ukrainian watercolor artist, Firsik.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of one of golf's most iconic landscapes as you bring the essence of Augusta into your daily routine.

Indulge in the luxurious feel of this high-quality mousepad, expertly printed on premium spandex polyblend fabric to ensure durability and vivid detail retention. Whether you're an avid golfer seeking a touch of elegance for your office or simply drawn to the tranquility of coastal landscapes, the Augusta 12th hole deskmat by Firsik promises to be a captivating addition to any workspace, evoking a sense of relaxation and inspiration with every glance.


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Artist: Фирсик Ю.
Artwork Completion: July 2023

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Frost "The Last Survivor" Limited Edition Content Creator Collaboration Gaming XL Gaming Mouse Pad

Small hickup

Absolutely stunning product visually and standard of quality. Had to update mailing address and did get a confirmation email but dilvery went to the original address not the confirmed updated address.

Dragoon "Dragoon's Apotheosis" Limited Edition Content Creator Collaboration Gaming XL Gaming Mouse Pad

/pet howard

In reality, the quality is good, but the threading is already falling apart after a few months of modest use.

My son loves it

Nicely made, quality piece - my son loves it.

Dragoon "Dragoon's Apotheosis" Limited Edition Content Creator Collaboration Gaming XL Gaming Mouse Pad

Bitt3rSteel "Wunderwaffe - Black" Limited Edition Content Creator Collaboration Gaming Deskmat

Good quality, bright colours and amusing content

Good quality mat that should last a good while, bright colours really show off the pictures on the mat and amusing content from our son's favourite creator.
Only the price stops it being 5 stars - it was a rush job so I took the wallet hit.

Very nice

The product holds firm to everything I put on it

TangoTek Dungeon Doors

They are unbelievable.. Extremely high quality.. Very pleased.


Very good quality. Shipping took a while but otherwise it was great.

Da kann man nicht meckern.

As we say in Germany: "Da kann man nicht meckern." wich is translated "You cant complain." Very good artwork and a super job from Epic Desk. Will buy again.

amazing scene

lovely scene from the frost youtube video i loved it keep it up

Kuudra Mandible

Lacks a kuudra mandible but besides that its the perfect mousepad

I love it

It just fits on my desk perfectly. I had my fears tha it would be too big but it ended out working. When my mates had a look they were pleased. 5 stars really love it.

Bitt3rSteel "Wunderwaffe - Black" Limited Edition Content Creator Collaboration Gaming Deskmat

God job dragoon

It's a Great descmat with a Great design What else can i say

Amazing quality, super durable and the print looks great even after months of use!

Worth it

Great desk cover. The Tiger looks good, thick enough to be comfortable.


i know weird title, but its a good product, I've always been a fan of history and tanks so the tiger tank on it looks really nice, its a comfortable pad, that i can rest my arms on when I'm doing stuff on my pc, it spans all most of my desk, and my mouse seems to work pretty well with it. its a very nice mouse pad that i do recommend

why our deskmats are unlike any other

**RETIRED* Limited Edition - "Cosmonatic Films" Creator Deskmat - Epic Desk

surface fabric

We use a blend of polyester/spandex that is extremely unique in it's properties. First off, it is a very smooth gliding fabric with good stopping power for gaming. Because of its dense weave, artwork prints brilliantly on them. In addition, they are very easy to clean and don't develop dead spots over time. This fabric is preferred by the majority of the gaming content creators we work with!

thickness matters

Most mouse pads are 2mm or 3mm thick. They slide around on the desk, there's not much support there for your wrist and arms. Here at Epic Desk we decided to create our mouse pads with comfort and practicality in mind, every mouse pad is 4mm thick.


Each mouse pad has sewn edges that aren't raised but rather sits flush. We also use a high quality thread designed to not irritate your skin. Depending on the style of artwork, we will either use a white thread stitched over the artwork or we will do an all black seam around the edges.

the most epic designs on the planet, all commissioned by real artists

Part of our vision here at Epic Desk is to empower real artists to get the recognition they deserve. Each deskmat artwork is meticulously crafted by these talented individuals to make these the most epic designs on the planet.

Get to know some of our artists in the "Artist's Corner" linked below!

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