**RETIRED** Limited Edition - "Matthew Heafy - Utagawa Kuniyoshi" Creator Collaboration Deskmat


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Dimensions & Materials

Dimensions: 930 x 400mm (Approx 36.5" x 15.75")

Thickness: 4mm (most mousepads are 2 or 3mm, this just adds an extra layer of cushion)

Surface: Proprietary blend of fine woven fabric with a spandex like material. Water repelling with smooth as butter mouse glide. Excellent for gaming. Very soft and comfortable!

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UPDATE: PRE-ORDER OVER!! Qty 380 sent into production.





Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi - "Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Specter"

Creator Bio: Matthew K Heafy is the frontman guitarist/ singer of the 22 year-strong Grammy-nominated metal band Trivium. An avid Twitch streamer - one who spearheaded musicians joining the platform - Matt has been streaming 5-7 days a week on Twitch since 2017. Trivium has millions of albums sold and countless supporters worldwide. Matt is known to tap into his Japanese heritage in much of what he does - so that's why we are excited to present this beautiful classic art piece on this wonderful mousepad.

NOTE: This is a "Limited Edition" deskmat print which means once pre-orders are closed, however many were preordered will be printed & sold and THAT'S IT. All deskmats are personally hand signed by the founder along with a certificate of authenticity issued.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Honestly, surprising amazing quality

I won this deskmat on the Reddit giveaway ( they lowkey forgot about me but that’s alright, they still got the mat out to me so no big complaints) I will say, I have 25+ deskmats from different vendors across numerous different gb’s over the last couple years. When I heard the boasting of superior quality I was super skeptical, especially with the price tag behind it. But after getting it I can hands down say, this deskmat feels completely different than the ones I’ve gotten before, it’s super super smooth, it’s a 4mm thick mat but looks like a 3mm. I believe that’s because of the edge stitching which is super tightly done, which is also a bonus since it keeps from the stitching moving around and showing through.( Also if you tap on it and compare it to a standard gb deskmat, this things got some density in it.) I can definitely say, definitely has some A+ Quality. $50 is still kinda pushing it for me, but the quality is definitely worth seeing for yourself.

Mikkel Christensen
Excellent quality and fast shipping

Received my desk pad and am quite pleased with the product. Fast delivery despite international shipping difficulties.

Dale Kent
Awesome design , awesome mat

Felt like I was waiting forever for this item but when it finally arrived it was so worth the wait

Aaron Grisard-Dawson

**RETIRED** Limited Edition - "Matthew Heafy - Utagawa Kuniyoshi" Creator Collaboration Deskmat

Giorgos Siachamis
Supreme Quality and Design

The Deskmat arrived in the post office on the 21st of September, which is well within the timeframe described, especially considering that I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is a BIG deskmat, with what seems to be a superb quality of materials and construction. The design is also impeccable and I absolutely love the fact that it copies the original triptych by positioning vertical lines to where each piece ends. Finally, there was a note from EpicDesk regarding the missing certificate of authenticity, which due to remaking and ordering will be sent in a separate envelope, when it becomes available. That is pure professionalism and I am looking forward to it.
Would definitely buy again!

Tom Mitchell

Haven’t even received it

Joonas Ruoho

**RETIRED** Limited Edition - "Matthew Heafy - Utagawa Kuniyoshi" Creator Collaboration Deskmat

Ryan Ream

**IN PRODUCTION** Limited Edition - "Matthew Heafy - Utagawa Kuniyoshi" Creator Collaboration Deskmat

David McGaffin

The deskmat looks amazing and is huge! THANKS!!!

all mousepads are


Hand Signed, Inspected, Numbered for Quality & Authentication

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We spent countless hours refining the product until it was absolute perfection in every way. The surface material is a finely woven blend of spandex that is super soft, almost like silk under your skin. It strikes a balanced mouse glide that is preferred by most gamers.
This type of material also does not fray or fade and because of its dense weave, it truly makes the artwork's colors pop!

The threading is made with high quality thread that does not irritate your skin.

The mousepads are also 4mm in thickness, which is 1 or 2mm thicker than most.

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