"Mystic Night" Limited Edition XL Gaming Mouse Pad


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Dive into the epic realm of gaming! Our Epic Desk XL Gaming Mouse Pads are the perfect concoction of unique, artistically commissioned designs and unrivaled, performance-enhancing surfaces. Each XL mouse pad is a limited edition masterpiece, offering a slick glide for rapid swipes and pinpoint precision. Perfect for those adrenaline-fueled headshots!

Supreme Comfort and Performance

Our full desktop gaming mouse pads give you the luxury of setting up your station just as you like it. With an extra cushioning layer of 4mm thickness, it's akin to gliding your mouse on cloud nine - comfortable and steady surface that won't budge.

Crafted from finely woven fabric blended with a spandex-like material, these pads repel water while delivering a buttery-smooth glide - a dream come true for gamers aiming to elevate their skills and maintain a consistently solid K/D ratio.

Gaming with Precision

Fun Fact: Ever wondered about the average distance a pro CS:GO player needs to move their mouse to make a 360-degree turn in the game? It’s 51 cm. Our XL Gaming Mouse Pads measure a generous 92cm x 40 cm, offering enough room for you to groove and game on.

Experience the Epic Desk Revolution

At Epic Desk, we're excited to revolutionize your gaming experience. Just like a piece of art, we believe every mouse pad we create is unique and adds to the thrill of your gaming journey. So, ready to game on?

Dimensions & Materials

Dimensions: 930 x 400mm (Approx 36.5" x 15.75")

Thickness: 4mm (most mousepads are 2 or 3mm, this just adds an extra layer of cushion)

Surface: Proprietary blend of fine woven fabric with a spandex like material. Water repelling with smooth as butter mouse glide. Excellent for gaming. Very soft and comfortable!

Shipping Info & Returns

Packages typically ship within 3 business days from our warehouse located in Dover, New Hampshire. Most domestic packages will go USPS priority, international USPS first class.

However, if you are buying a content creator collaboration, the ETAs for the ship dates will be below in the product description!

Because of the limited production of our products, returns are only allowed in rare cases where the product is deemed to be defective. Email us if you feel you have a defective product.

Sold out! Design officially retired!

Artist: Handpedia

The Design: I wanted a mousepad that reminded me of Alaska and I think the artist absolutely crushed it with this artwork. This mousepad comes in one of three colorways, "Growth", which has a spring theme to it. "White Out" which is winter themed. And lastly, "Mystic Night" which is night themed. 



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EXTRAS** Willjum "Willjum's Paradise/Bone Helmet" Content Creator Collaboration Limited Edition R...

Love it.

My order wasn’t delivered

I had moved before my order was delivered and I didn’t have a chance to change the address for my order.

**EXTRAS** Willjum "Willjum's Paradise/Bone Helmet" Content Creator Collaboration Limited Edition Rust Gaming XL Mouse Pad

**EXTRAS** Willjum "Willjum's Paradise/Bone Helmet" Content Creator Collaboration Limited Edition Rust Gaming XL Mouse Pad

I was sent the wrong pad

I love the pad that you Sent but it’s not the bone helmet. It’s the previous pad where he’s sitting at the campfire inside the compound

**EXTRAS** Willjum "Willjum's Paradise/Bone Helmet" Content Creator Collaboration Limited Edition Rust Gaming XL Mouse Pad

Very good mouse pad

Best mouse pad I have had too date I love the design and the quality is unmatched

Great mousepad

As advertised, really love this thing.. Its way bigger than I thought it would be.

It's Willjum

It is Willjum, what else can you say but awesome product.

I bought this for my son's birthday in June. He was very excited to get receive it.
They may even frame it! Thanks!

Great quality

Love the work you guys did and put the effort in with making the mouse pads. Keep up the great work.

I ordered this a while ago and I just thought I never got it. Unfortunately I moved since then and I'm no longer at that address any more. So I didn't receive it. Would have loved to get it though


This mouse pad is fantastic. It really looks stunning and it feels great to move the mouse over it. It was a long wait for it but well worthwhile. I love it!

Looks good and works well 👍

Great mouse pad

It took a while to be delivered, but the pad is great. Nice details and very soft

willjum paradice mouse pad

the mouse pad is amazing much bigger then i expected but the quality is just stupendous, and the attention to the detail is just on point

great quality

its came a bit later than i thought but i did pre order it so i cant complain its do good in detail

**IN PRODUCTION** Willjum "Willjum's Paradise/Bone Helmet" Content Creator Collaboration Limited Edition Rust Gaming XL Mouse Pad

Customer Support is Amazing!

Kudos to the team over at Epic Desk. I had multiple shipping issues all due to mistakes on my end, but each time Epic Desk support fixed my problem smoothly and immediately. The product itself is also excellent and will be watching the future collaborations to purchase more!

"White Serenity" Limited Edition XL Gaming Mouse Pad

why our deskmats are unlike any other

**RETIRED* Limited Edition - "Cosmonatic Films" Creator Deskmat - Epic Desk

surface fabric

We use a blend of polyester/spandex that is extremely unique in it's properties. First off, it is a very smooth gliding fabric with good stopping power for gaming. Because of its dense weave, artwork prints brilliantly on them. In addition, they are very easy to clean and don't develop dead spots over time. This fabric is preferred by the majority of the gaming content creators we work with!

thickness matters

Most mousepads/deskmats are 2mm or 3mm thick. They slide around on the desk, there's not much support there for your wrist and arms. Here at Epic Desk we decided to create our deskmats with comfort and practicality in mind, every mouse pad is 4mm thick.


Each deskmat has sewn edges that aren't raised but rather sits flush. We also use a high quality thread designed to not irritate your skin. Depending on the style of artwork, we will either use a white thread stitched over the artwork or we will do an all black seam around the edges.

the most epic designs on the planet, all commissioned by real artists

Part of our vision here at Epic Desk is to empower real artists to get the recognition they deserve. Each deskmat artwork is meticulously crafted by these talented individuals to make these the most epic designs on the planet.

Get to know some of our artists in the "Artist's Corner" linked below!

Every design is truly limited edition

Each deskmat we release is limited edition with either a limited time to purchase or a limited amount. We never do restocks on any designs and so once they're gone, they're gone! Each deskmat come with a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity to prove it was part of the Epic Desk limited production run.

get the most

Epic designs